Norma Helou Bitar

Is a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist with over 12 years in the mental and psychological health field.

Norma approaches treatment based in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) model. She works to help you identify feelings that have an impact on your behaviors and attitudes. By identifying this string of thoughts, feelings and actions, we can work together to make changes that bring about positive outcomes in your life. At times, making changes can be difficult. Techniques of Motivational Interviewing are useful when struggling to determine what changes would be the most beneficial. Norma Helou Bitar tackles every session with a trauma informed attitude so events that leave an emotional imprint can be effectively explored.

CBT successfully treats: depression, anxiety, mood disorders and life adjustments; anger management, general feeling of sadness and irritability; recovery from trauma, grief and loss; relationship needs; adoption and foster care related needs; parenting support…. (list of disorders). Providing comprehensive, neuropsychological testing, including ADHD, and assessment services.

Norma Helou Bitar works in her private clinic and Raee Hospital, Working with school-aged children (approximately 3 years of age and older) and their parents, adolescents, young adults and beyond. Additional services for professional and corporate consultation, training and supervision provided. Testing and assessment for a variety of clinical needs with a fast completion turnaround time.

She also provides psychological testing and assessments including comprehensive batteries and neuropsychological batteries. The timeliness of completing evaluations and assessments is of the utmost importance and Norma Helou Bitar strive to complete this process quickly and efficiently, allowing the outcomes to be readily utilized in treatment planning or for use by other professionals who may be serving you and/or your family.

Our new sevice is providing test and assessment to help you choose your major and your future career with your personality.

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Clinic/Fax: +961 7 751444
Hospital: +961 7 222023
Mobile: +961 3 260465
Abou Merhi Center - 2nd flr.
Al Raee Hospital - 2nd flr.
Lebanon, Saida
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